Rating: 1 of 5 bad habits
Quite disappointing. Watched it because we were fans of Molly C. Quinn from Castle. Even the posters are misleading, although sometimes it’s fine to be surprised at the actual movie, this time, not so much. I’ll keep this spoiler-free. A creepy convent, quirky nuns, priests investigating a possession (because only men in the church can do this, as we well know), and the senior priest has a quasi-mysterious past. The church “executive staff” are mean spirited, with a sense of evil about them. Storylines come and go, actors come and go, the plot twists violently, as in, it just stops, and a somewhat related plot steps in to take over, but it’s totally different. Like the writer & director left, and all the replacements had to go on was the previously shot footage, and a note from the producers that said “make it different”. The ending feels like they ran out of film, or money, or the actors just threw up their hands and walked out. Maybe all three. I’d pass on this one.