Burney Falls

What: Annual Family camping trip

Where: Mcarthur-Burney Falls State Park, Burney, California

Stops: Durango RV Resort, Red Bluff, California

When: May 23-30th, 2017

Description: My wife’s family has been doing an annual camping trip on Memorial day weekend for over 50 years. When I started going, I didn’t really call it camping, because the park has bathrooms and showers. I was really more interested in camping in remote areas that I’d use my 4wd to trek into. My preference is still remote camping, but having the Airstream makes organized campground so much more tolerable.

Our first year in the Airstream was good, but it was pretty hot, in the mid-to-high 90’s during the day. Not unprecedented, but unusual. The campground has no hookups, and we don’t have a generator. So, no air conditioning, just the Fantastic Fans. Worked pretty well, but realized the battery did not hold a charge very well, and we ran out of power nightly. Used the solar panel to charge back up during the day, which was a great option to have.

Also odd was this year, a lot of people came in and camped for 1 night. We had 5 different people camping next to us over 6 nights.

We also broke the drive out to two days, which was absolutely lovely. We stayed at the Durango RV Resort, which was recommended by a friend. It was just as hot there, but we could use our air conditioner! Got a site that backed up to the Sacramento river, and a first, had a local restaurant deliver dinner to our site. Now that is resort RV camping!