Color Out Of Space

Rating: 3-1/2 of 5 colors
It’s an adaptation of a H. P. Lovecraft story about a prismatic meteor that falls to earth, effecting every living thing around it in bizarre and horrific ways. Nicholas Cage movies are always a gamble. He has been in some really terrible movies, and he doesn’t seem to pick really good movies. Expectations were low, but this was a wonderfully stylish, visually captivating, horrific film. The use of color as a character was brilliantly portrayed, the story moved at a great pace, and the whole feeling was ominous. I’m not a fan of people being cut in films (or in real life). There was a little more “cutting for shock value” here than I’m OK with, so it looses one half color to my squeamishness. Actually, Cage was maybe my least favorite aspect. He did do a decent job of being mad/sad/confused/insane, but he’s always himself. All in all, it holds together, and although I found myself confused through much of it, the colors always held me in their comforting embrace.