Day One

Drove out to Sonora, about 3 hours, to pick up Pepper. Got introduced to her, and spent time playing on the couch as she got to know us. She was friendly, but not over hyper (for an 8 week old puppy!) Got some basic information, asked a bunch of questions, and hit the road!

Pepper did great in the car, a little play time, sleep, went pee and poop (on the floor, on newspaper, being really careful about letting her outside until she’s vaccinated).

Got home, let her out, had lots of playtime and some small naps. She followed us naturally, so introducing her to her name and the “come” command right from the start as she followed us. She ignored Eeyore the rabbit, which is good, we’d like them to get along, but it’s best if that happens gradually without drama.

Kept her in a “play, eliminate, rest” cycle, spending lots of time with us, bonding.

About 10:30, as she started to fall asleep, put her in her crate in the bedroom. Had the blanket we’d kept with us to get our scent on, and that she’d laid on coming back from the breeder. She did really well, only wining for about 15 minutes before settling in and sleeping. Woke up about 1am, let her out (she had trouble waiting as I put on my shoes and peed a little on the floor). She quickly peed and pooped outside, we came in and played for 15 minutes until she got tired again, and back to bed.

Again she only cried for about 15 minutes, then to sleep. This time until 6:15! We’ll continue with day two in the next post…