Day Two

Got up at 6:15, went out immediately (another small accident at the door, will have to come up with a way to change that), another pee and poop outside. Put her in her run as I made coffee, and petted the bunny. She didn’t do well there, crying for 25 minutes straight. The run is in view of the kitchen, and next to the living room, so she could see me. Put out her food, and set the bowl down outside the run. As she focused on that (calmly, thank goodness) and quieted down, I put her food in her crate (a Monks of New Skete suggestion) and she had breakfast.

As soon as she finished, outside again! Then playtime in the living room for about an hour. During this playtime, we started by trying out her collar. She made no complaints (the breeder had put collars on her to acclimate her to them) and then another nap.

After lunch, she slept for 2 hours, outside, playtime for about an hour. Sunny and warm out, so we got lots of running on the lawn and playing with the ball. She gets focused and bitey, so we’ll change the activity to something else. Inside for a nap.

She lays down, I try to get a little nap too, but this one only lasts about 15 minutes, and she’s raring to go again! We play again, another quick pee break, and I put her in her crate next to me and lay down for a little nap. My wife comes home from work soon after, another potty break (after every food/play/nap!), and lots of playtime with a fresh human!

Then dinnertime, and off to our first vet visit! Pepper rides well in the car in her crate, barely any noise at all. We found the vet that used to take care of our Old English Mastiffs for years, and were so happy about that. We really like Dr. (Ian) Stone. When we got to the office, one receptionist took Pepper around to meet everyone. We heard lots of “awwww’s” from the back rooms as she made the rounds. The appointment went well, The assistant and Dr. Stone were wonderful, and Pepper was good. Found out she’s 3.65 pounds. Quite a difference from the 30lb 8 week old Mastiff puppy!

She checked out great, got her shot and we’re set for the next visit in 3 weeks!

Grabbed some dinner on the run, and home to meet her first visitor, our friend Jenna. Jenna has Shi Tsu’s, and we got to babysit her first one, Enzo, once in a while. He was a great little dog, and we learned that little dogs can be great fun, without being overly hyper or yippy. The visit went well, but Pepper got really tired and went to sleep on Mom’s lap.

She was pretty much out, so we decided to go to bed at 9pm. Pepper woke up at 11 and 1 and 3:30, then slept until 7. More later, won’t keep doing entries of “eat, potty, play, potty sleep”, so may wait until more interesting milestones happen.