Fantasy Island

Rating: 0 Fantasies / who really cares?

I knew this was panned by critics and civilians, and wasn't expecting much. Wow, still wasn't expecting this mess. So, the first acts... For the most part, 2nd rate actors from 3rd rate films. And Michael Pena. But, in Pena's first couple scenes, I even said "if I didn't know he was a good actor, I'd think he was a terrible actor!" The acting sucks pretty uniformly, so that's something consistent πŸ˜‚.

The overall premise could have promise, with much better writing. And you go along, telling yourself, well, it's not very good, but let's ride it out to the end.

Then the final act comes around. At that point, I think all the writers quit, and they asked a group of 1st graders who'd just taken their Adderol Β to finish it up. Absolutely moronic last 30 minutes. Not sure how the script got the green light, nor how the movie got funding, nor how they completed it, and still thought "oh, let's just release it anyway". Not even worth it for a "but, how bad could it be?" viewing. If you want to relive an old campy TV show turned modern horror movie, check out "The Banana Splits" movie, it was so much better in all respects.