What: Fishcamp

Where: Long Beach Washington

Stops: Crescent City, California; Waldport, Oregon

When: May 23-30th 2017

My brother in law bought and improved a bit of property in southern Washington, making it a wonderful fishing camp. He and many of his friends enjoy heading out in their boats and fishing the Columbia and the ocean just beyond for Salmon and Dungeness Crab. I’m not a boat person, but my wife is, so I get to hang out at camp and the surrounding areas, and enjoy all the rest of the benefits of Fishcamp. This was out 2nd year, last year was Serenity’s maiden voyage!

This also coincided with the eclipse, and we opted to stay on the coast where we had a 97%, instead of heading inland for 100% totality. Was a good choice, we found a great spot to see it over the peninsula and it ended up being a lot of fun.

This year we made it a 3 day trip each way, and went up the coast route all the way from California to Washington. This was far more leisurely, and let us in joy several nights at pretty nice campgrounds on the way. We stayed in the same camps up and back, but next year we think we’ll mix it up a bit.

Crescent City:



Eclipse viewing spot: