Rating: 3 out of 5 Wahlburgers

Could easily have been called “Chase”. There are many chase scenes. More than a modern Bond film. It revolves around immortal beings who can die, but are reborn through sort of reincarnation? They're not really clear on the science there. One guy seems to be the Jack Torrence of the group, same body the whole time. They don't explain it. The immortals remember and retain all their lifetimes of skills as they grow up. Except the Wahlburg. He's special. I’ll leave that as the plot twist.

Nearly anyone with a speaking role is one of them. There are two camps, one wants to help mankind, one wants to eliminate them. Pretty standard stuff.

The plot, like a slice of Swiss cheese, is thin and full of holes. It gets one Wahlburger for hiring Chiwetel Ejiofor as the antagonist, whose presence automatically adds a star to a movie. Not my rules, it's in the contract.
2 more Wahlburgers are granted for the chase scenes. They're over the top silly, but expertly choreographed and executed.

And that's the movie. Chase scenes, explosions, gunfights, more chase scenes. You already have more than enough information to outline the entire script.