iPhone 3.0 upgrade/apps

Thinking about upgrading to 3.0 for the iPhone, but being concerned about app compatability, I went on a hunt to see what I could see about the apps I use, then decided to post it so I’d have a reference. Here’s what I’ve found so far from my top used apps (I’ll update as I find more, and if I upgrade, I’ll update based on personal testing). Feel free to contact me via twitter (@kaydub) if you have any specific info.

  • Evernote: OK
  • TweetDeck: OK
  • Peggle: OK
  • Yelp: OK
  • ShakeItPhoto: OK, with minor issues
  • Brightkite: Unknown
  • Doodlejump: Unknown
  • HP41CX+: Unknown
  • Darkroom: broken

UPDATE: Only Darkroom failed to work on 3.0, the update was remarkably uneventful (in a good way), and everything just worked.

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