Moab trip

For all of you following my twitter feed (both of you), you might have noticed I took a quick trip to Moab for a friends wedding. Fun trip, stopped in Vegas on the way out and back, visited friends on the way out, and visited “the strip” on the way back.

Been to the southwest a lot, but never made it to Moab. What a treat, all the different geographic wonders, all close to each other, and all very different. Pics online here.

Great wedding, tons of fun, and as my wife said “elegant”. And, a great couple. They’d fallen in love in Moab, both being avid mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Gorgeous location, on the Colorado River, with amazing rock formations all around it. The red rocks, and green foliage. Again, words don’t do it justice. Moab the town’s a little weird. One main street, which is also the highway, so lots of traffic, and trucks, and noise. Walking down the main drag is an exercise in breathing exhaust fumes, passing organic juice houses, and t-shirt shops.

On the way home, stayed at a jacuzzi suite in the Luxor, very cool. Saw “O” at the Bellagio, which was outstanding. Went to the outstanding Oyster bar at Harrahs too. Yum.

All in all, a fun trip. I love road trips.

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