Next visit, and an update!

Pepper now weighs in at 9 pounds 12.5 ounces!

Training is going well. She knows sit, down, shake, stand, can stay for short periods with voice and/or hand commands. And of course, off, ok, crate, bed. She’s also getting really good on-leash.

Housebreaking is going a lot better, still an occasional slipup, usually because she loves going outside an asks to go out a lot, but doesn’t go pee that often. Then, one time she’ll ask, and we won’t let her out because she just went out, and that was the time she really needed to go. But we’re mostly there

Got a clean bill of health, no more Coccidia. She’s got a lot of yeast/wax in her ears, we’re cleaning them a lot, and using some antibiotics.

Also, hard to do for us, we got her some “outside” clothes. A tiny dog with no undercoat doesn’t handle cold well, and we’re going camping in May.


Pepper and her thermal jacket try-out