I ran across a cool features on the iPhone last night that I found one of those happy Apple UI details.

I have one of my home phone numbers assigned to two contacts, me, and “home”. A call came in from that number, and the display said “Ken or Home”. Took a second for that to register, since I’d never have expected the phone to scan my whole phonebook, have a list of contacts with the same number, and then present that when a call was coming in! It doesn’t appear that way in the received call list, however, only on the incoming call screen, but still, it was an unexpected “wow”.

Just to balance it, I’m a fan, but not a fanboy after all, other unexpected things: my voicemail just reset. I went to check voicemail, and it took me through the setup again. Oh, and all my old voicemail? Gone. Weird.

I can’t click on phone numbers in calendar appointments, what’s up with that? Since I can’t cut and paste either, it’s annoying. I can click on phone numbers in SMS messages, so it’s especially odd.

Still, it’s one elegantly nice device.

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