Over a year update

Well, it’s been just over a year, and our little girl is better at most everything. We finally have potty control, except for excited pee when she meets someone new, or one of us comes home. Our new routine when someone comes home is to get her to go outside and pee quickly, then come back in to greet them. Works most of the time.

She’s still a bundle of energy. Much better than before, but still quite the hyper girl. She doesn’t do well playing with other dogs, 1-1. She wants them to chase her, and incessantly pokes at them, making them annoyed, and they growl or bark or snap, which Pepper takes as a sign to push more. Even people who have otherwise dominating hyper dogs quickly agree, Pepper is just too much. She’s only had one other dog who she’s played well with, and who was able to calm her down. So, generally we end up having to crate her a lot when another dog comes to visit. We’re considering getting her a brother so she can have social time with them, at their own speed.

But, she’s very friendly with people, and very submissive. No food, toy, or territory aggresions. She’s really obedient, when not distracted, which happens a lot. She’ll get focused on a sound, object, or smell, and short of physical contact, will ignore verbal instructions. Once you’ve gotten her attention, she’ll focus on you, and listen perfectly. But, that means she can’t be trusted in an unfenced area, since verbal commands alone won’t recall her.