Rehosted, and rebuilt.

Well, that was an ordeal! I made the mistake of screwing up my wordpress paths while moving some domain hosting around, and at that point, couldn’t get to the admin pages. That kinda leaves you dead in the water.

I found some general info on tweaking the SQL databases, but didn’t have any of the SQL tools hanging around, and wasn’t sure that was easily fixed that way anyway. Fortunately, I did still have the old config, and a backup I did make a couple weeks ago, so I think I only lost one blog entry to my mistake.

I installed from scratch a brand new wordpress, sucked over my sidebar file from the old broken configuration, and then imported the blog entries.

Just re-configured ScribeFire, so I think it’s all working again! OK, not a huge ordeal, but a little blip and 2 hours of my evening shot.