Retiring, and moving everything here!

I started in 2004, actually as a test during the beginning of podcasting. I wanted to play with the technology of getting from an audio recording to a streaming post. If you weren’t trying to do that in 2004, you don’t understand exactly what a challenge that was.

Get it? I’m Ken, and I was trying out “casting”. Didn’t know if it’d actually be called “podcasting”, since that was Adam Curry’s placeholder name, based on the iPod, and who knew when that would no longer be the way people listened to things on the go?

And, I wanted to see if I was actually interested in making podcasts. That was a big NO. I have both the voice and face for radio, but on my own, wasn’t going produce any content anyone wanted to hear.

So, I used the site as a blog, wrote a bunch of rambling about tech or whatever, and threw a lot of pictures at it, and used it as a testbed for pushing content around to/from. Well, that’s been fun, but it doesn’t require it’s own domain name, so I’m gonna set this one free so some squatter can grab it and hope someone will pay them for it someday.

I just moved all the content over to, and that’s where all the new posts will be going. I doubt anyone will actually read this, I made absolutely zero effort to either create compelling content, or get anyone to visit, but in the off chance someone has an RSS feed, just waiting for that new random photo to auto-post, there you go…