Roadtrip day 14

Started with an early lunch at Tia Sophia’s, an amazing place frequented primarily by locals. Had the green chili stew, which is just wonderful.

Got there at 11, when they start to serve lunch, by the time I left, there was a line.Casual day of touristing in Santa Fe, took pictures of lots of the cool art in the galleries.

Dinner at Atomic Cafe, which was a bit of a mistake. Had Enchiladas, they weren’t very good, and the plate was tiny for the price. Many beers, all in bottles. Went to the Sleeping Dog Tavern, and a good IPA on tap, and Corn Dog Oysters, which were astounding. A strong horseradish/hot pepper dip to put on them, they were lightly battered, not overcooked, just delightful. Early to bed, since I had an early drive to get up to Colorado Springs by a reasonable time tomorrow.