Sous Vide Cooking Times

Just a cheat sheet for me, since I often forget the min/max/temp for a particular meat I often Sous Vide.

Time at temp assumes food has reached that temperature. Add at least an hour for frozen, and 30 minutes for refrigerated, depending on the thickness of the meat being cooked. You can also quickly defrost frozen meat by setting the temp to zero and putting the whole thing in the fridge for an hour or two (or maybe 4 if it’s a pork butt).

Food Temp Minimum Maximum
Burgers 135°F 1 Hour 4 Hours
Rib Eye 135°F 45 Mins 4 Hours
NY Strip 135°F 4 Hours 8 Hours
Short Ribs 135°F 48 Hours 72 Hours
Chicken Wings 145°F 2 Hour 4 Hours
Chicken Breasts 140°F 1.5 Hours 4 Hours

via Kencooking