Sous Vide Shortribs


Sous Vide and Short Ribs go together like, well, good things that go together.

I’ve prepped this a lot of different ways, using many of the different time/temp calculations found on the web. You probably should too. This recipe is my favorite version for time/temp.

Cook time: 48-72 hours

Cooking temp: 135°F

Prep time: 5 minutes


  • Bone-in beef shortribs
  • Ground Pepper (optional)

I’ve found shortribs at the store available a couple ways, one is bone in about 2″ long (my favorite cut), one is bone-in about 4″ long, and boneless strips, which you can just cut into 2″ sections. Bone in is preferred, the taste as they cook in the broth is just better. But, if boneless is all you can find, that’ll work as well.


  • Cut shortribs so they’ll fit in your bags
  • Put some pepper on the ribs (optional)
  • Put shortribs in vacuum seal bags of your choice (I use the water immersion method most often)
  • Set immersion cooker to 135°F
  • Put bags in cooker
  • Wait 72 hours (48 hour ribs are also very tasty, if you don’t have 72 hours to wait)
  • Sear meat using your favorite method. Mine always includes cast iron, and usually includes a torch.

via Kencooking