We were on the daily neighborhood dog walk the other day. We needed to check on someone’s garden, and Pepper was thirsty from the walk, so I picked her up so she could drink from a 5 gallon bucket, catching a drip from a faucet. She started drinking, but also started paddling! We all thought that was really cute, and decided to try her out in a safe place later.

We had the hot tub nice and warm, so Sydnee got it, and I brought Pepper over, and set her in. She loves baths, so the water didn’t scare her, but I slowly immersed her, and she started paddling again. She floated well, and paddled right over to Sydnee. We had her go back and forth between us a couple times, she seemed to really enjoy it.

Later in the summer, we’ll try her in the pond our neighbor has, but will keep her on her harness and leash for the first swim, just to be safe.

After having mastiffs, none of which were really happy in the water (we had big life jackets for them to keep them buoyant), it’s nice to have a dog who seems to like to swim! Too bad we don’t have a pool anymore for her to swim in more often.