The Deep House

Rating: 4 of 5 submersed haunted mansions

Two “Youtubers” (so you already want evil to befall them) visit abandoned buildings hoping to get enough views to make money. After some cursory setup, they're taken to a lake with an intact house at its bottom.
Scary shit ensues. Cool concept, going through the house underwater, so floating things can float (how is that metal candelabra floating???). Nothing is moldy or decayed, why? Scary shit, that's why.
Did I mention it's scary? The story evolves well, it all makes sense by the end. Several goosebumps moments, jump scares, non-jump scares, bubble scares, chain scares, scares too scary to mention.
It looses one rating point because the boy protagonist is such a dick, you can't wait for him to bite it.