The Invisible Man

Rating: 1/2 of 4 sad remakes

I wish this movie was invisible. What is it with these horrible soundtracks totally overreaching a mediocre and boring slog? If the music turns ominous or creepy, relax. When the music turns boring, and especially if it stops, something may happen!
Let's move on to visual mediocrity. Lots of blue filters, in lieu of actual acting. I'm really tired of blue filters. Unless your movie is set in Antarctica or Seattle, add some warm tones. Yet again, virtually no sympathetic characters here, which makes it that much harder to get through.
Without giving away too much, I cannot find a way to explain the physics. There's one, count 'em ONE good surprise scary moment you want to go back and watch again, because it's hard to believe such a good scene just happened in this snore-fest. Also, you get a surprise ending, but nothing that'll make you really surprised, more of an "oh, yeah, so you pulled out surprise ending #432".