The Night House

Rating: 3 of 5 Brandys

At its heart, a cookie cutter psychological haunted house tale. A woman is living alone in a house her recently dead husband built. As she deals with his death, and starting to pack his things away, she starts discovering mysterious things. Oh, and she hears some voices, and sees some visions. But, could it just be her heavy drinking? Grief? Insanity?  Yeah, all elements we've seen a lot in other films like this. So, does it work? Yeah, it sorta does. There are a couple brilliant visuals, one in particular that I'll remember. Some good creepy storylines, characters whose motivations you're never quite sure of, and there are mysteries to discover through the whole film. The ending falls flat, but the movie wasn't necessarily building up to a great ending, it was more like an adventure story, where the journey was the reward.