Today’s cool tool: picnik

Picnik’s an online basic photo editing tool, especially nice if you use Flickr since it’ll allow you to take your photos located on the web or your computer, tweek some basic things, then post them. But, you can also grab photos from elsewhere, or re-tweek your Flickr ones. It’s also very fast, simple, and an amazing bonus feature these days, no registration needed for full functionality!

One function I see missing is the ability to change the size, resolution, etc, so I could use this as my sole “convert and upload tool”, but then, I’m not a Flickr pro member. If you are, then you’re not as worried about accidentally uploading a 6MB full-res image. As it stands, I either would tweek the photo already uploaded to flickr, or save a resized set locally with my workflow tool of choice (currently Lightroom Beta, now available for pre-order!), and then tweek it on it’s way to flickr. If you’re not a pro member, that also means adding a new (duplicate) photo to your library, not replacing the existing one. But, without a “auto-fix the whole set” function, still not sure it’ll replace iPhoto, iView, Lightroom, or another native workflow app for the non-casual user.

But, it is a good way to snarf a (non-copywritten) photo you liked from one place, alter it a bit, and store it elsewhere. Also good if, like me, you use multiple photo-sharing sites, depending on what or where you are. And, good for “the rest of them” that find stand-alone photo editors too difficult, and just want to auto-fix, crop, and remove red-eye from some pics on their way to sharing nirvana.

Online Photo Editing is now a Picnik

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