Twhirl features i'd love to see

Twhirl just released an amazing update, it’s now the best twitter client I’ve used. But, nothing’s perfect. Here are some features I’d like (some of which Twitterific, the 2nd best client I’ve used, has). I never did this for another twitter client, it’s just that Twhirl is so good, I want it to get better (for me, of course :-).

I’m just writing this to remind myself what I’d like to see, and after they get their legs after integrating with Seesmic, figured I’d actually submit it as a suggestion to them.

– Let me use the arrow keys to move up and down the list of tweets.

– Open URL’s in a new tab, not a new window, or give me the option

– Integrate with Growl

– If you don’t/can’t integrate with Growl, let me choose what kind of messages I get notification windows on, and the ability to make them sticky (I still run Twitterific just so I can get sticky notifications on replies and direct messages)

– LOVE the followers pane. To make it more useful, show me if I’m following the follower, and let me block them too. Love seeing them all in one big list, great I can follow them, but would like to know if I AM following them first!

– Customizable keyboard shortcuts, all my function keys are already all used on my Mac, and one key shortcuts that only work if there isn’t a text entry window mean the usage changes depending on app “state”, which confused me.

– Want an easier way to “go back”. If I intentionally (or unintentionally) click on someone, I have to remember the keyboard shortcut, or navigate the “what pane I want” menu. How about an easy way to go “back?” (or maybe just a really easy way to go to timeline). Hoping for something like I can do on my iPhone clients. Again, all my function keys are being used already.

OK, I think that’s it after a full day of use. I’m giddy about the integration of URL shrinking (I use tinyurl, but maybe it doesn’t have an API?), twitter lookup, search, all in one tool? And, posting to Jaiku and Pownce simultaneously? Great work Marco!