Using Twitter, trying tumblr

And having linked the two, it’s two great tastes in one. Both have the concept of “quick blurbs”, not long rambling blog posts. Interesting distinction, and not sure if tumblr has a distinct place outside a normal blog, or photoblog. Although some folks do indeed make every blog post into an actual article, most seem content to mix those, “look what I found”, and “look what I did” all into one big place.

Twitter, on the other hand, seems more like “group IM”, and if you get actual friends connected to you there, a way for people you want, to know what you’re up to. Kinda needs “groups of group” though, so you can have a) Your beer drinking buddy group b) your work colleagues, c) Your “virtual friends” who you might have interest in what they’re doing, or not. You don’t necessarily want to broadcast the same information from (a) to (b) and or (c) (i.e. brewskies at 7 at the Goose). The current modes are (d) public and (c), which somewhat limits the interest. But, an interesting concept.

Oh, and to make me more giddy, and feeling “in the shadow of cool”, I saw Cali Lewis (of Geekbrief TV) and Drew Domkus (of the Dawn and Drew Show), from my two absolute favorite new-media shows, had also signed up for tumblr today, right after I’d gotten my twitter to tumblr link set up (twitter posts automatically show up on tumblr). And, I saw that ’cause of their twitter comments. Ahh, and now to ramble a bit, since it’s been a while since I posted, did I ever mention, right after stumbling upon Daily Source Code back in November of 2004, the next podcast I couldn’t stop listening to was Dawn and Drew? Well, there you go, now I’ve mentioned it.

Twitter page
Tumblr page

And, speaking of not posting, I just started a new Gig, so I’ve been kinda swamped coming up to speed on that. Looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun, a wild ride, and all that good stuff. More on that later, although I’ll probably just point to my work blogonce I’ve got more than a pittance to say there. Seems a good idea to me to keep those separate, when you’re working in
corporate America, even when it’s all available for everyone to see. At least for me, I wouldn’t expect my family and many of my friends to check out my work blog more than once, but here, they’ll see stuff that’s more generally interesting occasionally.

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