Week two

Two weeks already? Wow, it seems like much longer than that! Pepper’s grown at least 1lb since we got her (given she was 3.6 pounds, that’s huge!). She knew her name on the second day, is more or less learning “come”, although she’s headstrong. Have her wearing a collar most of the time, although she’s still scratching at it after a week, and starting short times with a leash attached to the collar, just walking around the house with it dragging on the floor. She’s also does “sit” well if she’s being fed, or we’re playing (she has to set to play with the toy). Today she started learning “down”.

She’s very bright, very headstrong, and very mouth-oriented. She bites at everything, it’s a constant effort reminding her what she can, and can’t bite. She also requires constant supervision outside so she doesn’t eat rocks, or get into the wood chips that line the yard.

She’s also big on running the opposite direction when you tell her to come, that’ll be an area of work as soon as we get the leash work going. She’s now sleeping through half the night. We go to bed at 9-ish, take her out around 2am and 6am, and she quickly does her business, but she’s getting better about how long she can hold her bladder. We should be able to sleep through the night soon.

She’s over her worm problems, so regular bowel movements are now the norm, 3-4 times a day, instead of every hour or two. That’s a big relief (no pun intended)!

Next week, her next vet visit!