Well, it’s about time

So, never really finding time to do a podcast to post here, and just ending up with a regular old text blog. OK, that’s not really true, one of my pet peeves is people saying “I couldn’t find the time”, or “I didn’t have the time”. We make time for what we want to make time for. For many, that’s working, or staring at the web, or playing a video game, or watching TV. There’s time for things, if you make those important.

The real reason is, I’m not focusing the time to come up with something I’d think was interesting to chat about. Oh, I know, many cool podcasts are like my current favorite listen, Dawn and Drew, just babbling about their day. Guess I want to have a little more content there for me. I’m not that funny, and if I wouldn’t actually want to listen to what I record myself, can’t seem to push myself to recording for others. I figure what I really want is someone to podcast *with*. Conversations seem so much more interesting to listen to anyway than monologues, and somewhat easier to ramble but still remain interesting. But, now I have to get more than just me, but someone else to make time for it, and I’ve just exceeded my boundry for making it a priority. Heck, just getting together for beers with my buddies usually takes 2-3 weeks of throwing out a date, and repeating until critical mass finally happens.

Personally, I’m choosing to spend most of my time working. Yeah, it’s what I get paid for, and I’m obsessed with making sure I do a job well, and and hard enough to earn that pay, and I’m working for a startup, and that means there’s a lot to get done, and it’s all critical to get it done promptly, so, using up most of my energy there. If I have free range energy, I spend it diddling on the guitar, or mucking with some technical hobby (trying to write a really whizzy personal playlist creator for iTunes/iPod so I only need one playlist that knows my favorite things to listen to), or catching up on Carnivale, 24, and whatever Rachel Ray or Alton Brown cooking shows were on today.

Since we’re speaking of time, there’s the queue of “I’d like to get started on’s”. Those are more periodic things that require an actual commitment period. Taking some French classes so that when we go next year, I won’t feel quite like the bumbling American I felt like last time. Then I promised to take some dance lessons, and back to that guitar fiddling, really should be making time for that every day, or at least a bunch of times a week. Then, there’s the 30 minutes of excercise each day I’ll be getting to soon, and even do get to once in a while. All these sit in the “when I have a block of time I can see far enough into”, which, let’s face it, isn’t going to happen unless I just go for it, and move everything else around to adjust for what priorities I really want to have.

OK, I’m bored now, and again, out of time…