Willy's Wonderland

Rating 5 of 5 Willies
Everything is classic cult B movie. It has a modern day car, so it’s present day, but it also has a full 70's vibe including soft/grainy film, dial phones (with mismatched handsets), IBM Selectric typewriters, tape-based answering machines. This would just be a normal schlock-fest, except it stars none other than our generations best action movie hero, Nicolas Cage. And the iconic Mr. Cage didn’t have to learn any lines, as he never speaks. It has all the ingredients of a good cult film, and doesn’t disappoint. One observation, the animatronics have a surprisingly large amount of oil/grease in them. Not Evil Dead quantities, but a lot. Cage even spends a while playing pinball, which is always a plus. And, as icing on the cake, a great soundtrack.